Thursday, May 16, 2019

Rowena Crest Viewpoint Mosier Oregon

wearing: Target shoes, Sloan Boutique ABS striped dress and straw hat

Heeeeyyy Guys!!!

Doesn't think shoot gives you such prairie girl vibes? I felt like I was in a movie being there or something. To give you some backstory last weekend I drove out of town with a few other blogger girlfriends named Mirah and Asia which you should totally check out their blogs too, but we headed out at sunset to this fantastic spot Rowena Crest Viewpoint. What do you think??? Isn't it stunningly beautiful? I had never been to such a spot like this in my whole entire life, no joke. If you ever are passing through the Hood River area or driving through the Columbia River Gorge then you must stop and take a brief hike at this place!

I knew moving to Oregon would be beautiful and I can't help but feel so lucky and grateful that this is all in my backyard. I had seen soooo many photos online of this place from Instagram and Pinterest but I have to say it's so surreal going in person and seeing this place in person. We also strategically brought a picnic with us but we got super distracted by the beautiful sunset and taking photos that we didn't even have time to eat the goat cheese, drink all the wine and eat the fruit and crackers we bought from Trader Joes beforehand. But oh well, it was worth it!!!!

I have to say spring and fall are my absolute favorite seasons here in Oregon, the PNW just has so much to offer and starting in 6 days I'll be road tripping it up with my boyfriend Grant for like a week. We are driving a pickup truck from San Diego, CA to Mammoth, Crater lake then back to Bend and Portland in a few days and I CAN NOT WAIT. There's something so special about adventuring with people you love and sharing new experiences together that just bonds you.

Stay tuned loves, I'm about to kick things into high gear and post a lot more and create a lot more fantastical content to share with you lovelies.

Hope the week has been treating you well!


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