Saturday, May 18, 2019

Malia Designs

pants from Red Light Clothing Exchange, T-shirt from House of Vintage, mixed handmade jewelry and 80's vintage leather jacket from Wasteland and the star of the show my cross body round purse from Malia Designs

Hi Loves!

Today I wanted to hop on and share with you lovely readers this awesome new bag that was gifted to me from Malia Designs. I've been enjoying it lately pairing it with just about anything like this casual outfit like the one above since it's so versatile. Most importantly, Malia Designs is a fair trade sustainable company focusing on fair living wages but also using eco-friendly processes and traditional techniques. 

What is fair trade you ask?

I would say when a product is made with integrity and sold at a fair wage to support the person(s) that created and made the good then that is part of it. When clothing is not underpriced to benefit the larger corporation instead of the factory worker then it's certainly unfair. Using someone else to gain a large profit when the person at the bottom of the line barely is surviving on the cut that they are given then that's just wrong and unethical.

Malia Designs Business Model 

1. Malia Designs’ products are made by fair trade producer groups that employ disadvantaged people in Cambodia – primarily at-risk women and the disabled.
2. We offer high-quality, fashion-forward accessories that pair lively designs with contemporary styling using materials sourced locally in Cambodia. Our fair trade production and frequent use of recycled materials are also good for the planet.
3. Malia Designs extends its mission even further by donating to nonprofit organizations fighting human trafficking in Cambodia and in the US.

How rad is this company right? I can go on and on about how I stand and support what they are doing but I think you get the idea just by what I mentioned this far. it's interesting, I've certainly heard of fair trade coffee is a thing that people hear about but when it comes to the fashion industry it's not as prevalent unless you go looking for it, am I right?

I hope that next time when it comes to buying yourself a new bag that you first check out a brand like this one. I don't know about you but I sure would feel better shopping from a brand like Malia Designs knowing that I'm doing some good with my purchase, just some food for thought. As consumers, we tend to not think about what's in front of us a lot of the time but in reality if we can try to stop and think about how we spend of our hard earned money instead of buying what's in front of us without much thought then that's when real change can be made.

*Be sure to check out their website HERE*

I'll stop myself from ranting on now but I hope this helps to open your eye showing you that cute eco-friendly bags are out there. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!


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