Thursday, May 30, 2019

Eco friendly Luxury Lingerie: Chakra Intimates

Well hello everyone!

Today's post is unlike ANYTHING I've posted before. Showing this much skin and being vulnerable on here in a BIG way, I hope you enjoy what I have to share today. 

(Also my cat Thor got in on this photoshoot so I hope you don't mind his presence. He was being too cute not to photograph, so just consider him bonus eye candy.)

If you've been following me for some time you'll probably have noticed that I don't ever post anything this racy or exposed before so I ask that you please be kind of my self-esteem. I know I'm not a stick skinny model or anything but I'm still proud of my body and I genuinely feel good in my skin. So if you don't any anything nice to say on here then your comments will be deleted and not tolerated.

Being a blogger and putting yourself out there can be quite challenging at times especially when I only wish to share my message on a positive note with as much transparency as possible. Now, with all that said I'll get into this amazing new intimates bralette, I was gifted by Chakra Inintamtes. This women's undergarments line is made in the USA in Los Angels I believe and they use little gemstones as small precious details in their designs which I find so cool. It's a fresh new idea to wear and rock some good vibes and energy especially when it comes to things we wear every day.

What is Chakra Intimates?
Chakra Intimates is an eco-friendly brand, spiritually inspired that transcends style by providing a sense of personal power, enhanced well-being and support by the earth's energy with hand sewn Chakra aligned, ethically sourced gemstone and sustainable fabrics. Chakra intimates are for the woman who wants a deeper connection with herself and the planet.

Ever since I received this bra in the mail just about 2-3 weeks ago I've been wearing it nonstop. I'm even wearing it under my vintage T-Shirt right now as I'm typing this. My bralette has even been through the wash once already and has held up very well, the gemstones are still in tack and it's so incredibly comfortable. In these photos above I'm wearing a size Medium and I'm typically a 36C cup in most bras so that should give you an idea of how these fit according to size. 

As I've gotten older I've been less and less into the push-up or wire bras so this little bra is the perfect balance between support and ease. Most of my loose fitting tops and favorite t-shirts wear wonderfully with these types of styles. 

Order Your Own:
Anyways, If you'd like to learn more about this awesome Intimates company feel free to check out their site here:

Here's the link to the bra I'm modeling above:

I hope you all have enjoyed learning about this new eco-conscious underwear line!!! I'm so glad I'm able to share new companies like this one with you all as we make our way to a better shoppable slow fashion community.

*Photos were taken and edited by Sierra Selene*

Have a wonderful weekend loves!



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