Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fair Anita "Beautiful Products with a Powerful Purpose"

Hey Guys!

How's your weekend going so far??? I hope you are out enjoying the beautiful day but if not hopefully this new blog post will inspire you to think about your next jewelry purchase because today I'm happy to share with you all FAIR ANITA.


Fair Anita is a social enterprise that empowers women around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationships. They are working with 8,000 + talented women (and counting) from across the globe to make accessories you can be proud to wear and share with your friends.

About Anita:

Ana fondly referred to as Senora Anita by her adoring community, is the sort of empathetic leader we aspire to be. Ana is the social worker in Chimbote, Peru where 70% of women report having experienced domestic violence. Ana makes each individual feel cared for, looking after everyone's need and treating everyone fairly. Ana taught us that when you improve a woman's life, her family and community improve right along with her. 

By choosing Fair Anita as a consumer you are contributing to something greater. This brand is all about providing fair trade jobs for marginalized women which can definitely make you feel good as a shopper. Their gorgeous handmade products empower the women who made them and meanwhile supporting ethical fashion changing normal habits of consumerism.

I think in a nutshell you guys get why this brand is so amazing!!! I don't need to get into too much deeper but I love wearing something knowing that I did my part in helping fight fast fashion and support a bigger cause. I hope you feel inspired to check out their website and hopefully, next time you wish to buy some new jewelry you can try FAIR ANITA, it's more than worth it. I love these two simple but beautiful pieces of jewelry I received as a gift from this company but I what I love more is what they stand for.

Here are the links to the items pictured above:

So do yourself a favor and buy something that makes you feel good just as much as if makes other ladies feel good by supporting their cause in helping to fight against domestic violence and create stronger communities.

That's all I got for ya, now go have a fantastic weekend everyone!

*Photos by Sierra Selene*




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