Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Mata Traders Consciously Crafted Ethical Fashion

Hey Loves!!!

Happy Tuesday my friends, today I wanted to bring you yet another hopefully inspiring outfit post featuring one of my new favorite slow fashion brands, Mata Traders. As you can see above the dress I'm wearing was kindly gifted to me from some wonderful people from Mata Traders and I had so much fun styling it. This look felt very Jessica Day from the hit TV show New Girl on Fox, I thought this was totally an outfit you'd see Zooey Deschanel in on the show...

Anyways as for the rest of my outfit, I'm wearing a barret from Madewell, vintage black button-up blouse underneath my dress, some old strappy pony hair ankle pointed flats from Anthropologie and a vintage locket necklace that I thrifted. The dress I'm wearing is called the Sydney Dress Bikes and can be found HERE on their website.

When it comes to getting new items into my wardrobe I typically only buy from companies like Mata Traders now. I made a vow to myself that this year I wouldn't buy anything new only, thrifted, vintage, second hand or buy from local boutiques and ethical companies like Mata Traders.

Mata Traders has such fun playful prints and designs it was hard to pick what kind of dress I wanted to try out. Since summer is quickly approaching and the weather isn't calling for sweaters or jackets so outfits like this one have been my "Go-To" looks lately. Mata traders items are made in India and Nepal by fair trade organizations. Their garments are designed to empower both craftswoman and consumers alike. 

A few things to note when buying and supporting Mata Traders:
1. Make an impact on global poverty: By lifting up communities with jobs, healthcare, and education.
2. Fight gender inequality: Empowering women to gain economic independence and progress in a stratified society.
3. Preserve an Art form: Keeping alive textile traditions that date back centuries.
4. Combat child labor: Providing opportunities for women, so they can send their children to school.

How amazing is this brand???
 I'm so glad I discovered such a company that does so much for the makers and the shoppers, feel-good vibes anyone? I love the fact that this dress is handmade and one of a kind since each fabric print is done by hand and woven, embroidered and handstitched. 

Do yourself a favor and give them some love by checking out their website:

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Talk to you guys soon!



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