Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mixing Vintage with Sustainable Brands

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Well, today I have some fresh new content for ya talking about how I like to mix vintage clothing items with my favorite sustainable brands. In these photos, I'm wearing a wonderful eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brand called Round Plus Square, paired with some vintage 40's sailor-inspired shorts from a local vintage shop in Vancouver Washington called House of Vintage. My shoes are not vintage or from a sustainable brand, unfortunately, they're from Anthropologie but I love them and have been wearing them with just about everything so I'm definitely getting my wear out of them which is the least I can do considering where they were made and purchased from... 

Sometimes it's hard to let something by if you know you're going to love and wear the item a lot then occasionally it's worth repping. I still have tons of clothing and accessory items that are not from vintage or second-hand store or made sustainably but just because I didn't get them from those ways doesn't mean I should throw them out. 

Sometimes being sustainable means taking care and loving what you already own! 

For many people like myself, I'm still working on switching EVERYTHING over to "Green Living" standards and that's okay. Part of being a smart capable consumer also means respecting the items you already love and wear even if where they came from was not from a sustainable brand...

So with all this said, I still have made a conscious decision at the beginning of the year that anything "New To Me" I acquire must be secondhand, vintage or made from an eco-friendly sustainable brand and so far I have just about been living by this new mantra as best as I can. I urge you too to do the same, it feels good and I find myself not spending as much and wearing what I already own more and more. 

Half the battle of mixing vintage items with sustainable brands is just being open to it and playing around with different eras of clothing, find what fits your body type and not spending your hard-earned money on companies and brands that don't do anything for the greater good of the planet. We have one earth and only live once on this planet so we better take care of it as best we can or however, we are able to now. 

To help the conscious shopper be more mindful here's a small list of tips and tricks I live by:

1. Do seasonal "closet cleanouts" odds are if you are not still in love with your items from last year then it's time to purge and get rid of it to make space for things that you do treasure.

What to do with the big garbage bag of your "donate/giveaway" clothes:

2. Sell your clothes to secondhand resale shops like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads or any local consignment stores. Look up and do some simple research in your neighborhood to see where you can take your stuff to. The fewer items that end up in a thrift store is fewer items going into a landfill or shipped to Africa in those giant shipping containers.

3. Shop at your local vintage shops and thrift stores rather than new fancy department stores. If you have trouble shopping for items by yourself take a friend and play dress-up together!

4. Repair and fix your favorite old shoes and clothing items with rips and tears in them before you give up and take them to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. A local cobbler has done wonders for some of my favorite shoes in the past and gives my items a second life so I can wear my shoes waayyy longer. If you don't know how to sew clothes then ask around and find a friend who does or take a few items to a seamstress that can help make your clothes fit you even better!

Okay, so there are a few ideas for ya! I'm going a little brain dead at the moment thinking of more ways to mix new sustainable brands with vintage. I hope this is giving you some ideas and will help inspire you to take charge of your wardrobe in a new light. This is honest advice and are things I actually do with my own clothes and accessories so I speak the truth friends, I wouldn't lie to you!

Good Luck making the switch and have fun mixing and matching new and old clothes like I have...
Jordan Jones


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