Monday, July 8, 2019

Oregon's Smallest Lighthouse

Hey Loves!

Welcome back, did you have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend? 

Well, I'm happy to be back on here to share with you all this fantastic little day trip I recently go to do about a month ago and never got around to talking about until now. So, sorry about that life has literally been all over the place lately. I have to say it's nice to come back to this blog and talk about a perfect summer hike, one that you should definitely try if you live in the Portland, Oregon area.

You're probably wondering what do you mean, "smallest lighthouse"? 
 Well, I'm here to tell you that the Warrior Rock Lighthouse is most certainly the smallest working lighthouse in Oregon, probably even the whole Pacific Northwest. It was authorized by the United States Congress in 1888 and made from a small wood frame, with a sandstone base. The lighthouse has living quarters below and used to hold an oil lamp atop the structure to guide ships.

Fun Fact:

The Warrior Rock Lighthouse was also famous for hosting the Pacific Northwests fog bell! Originally it was installed at Cape Disappointment and West Point in Seattle before making Portland it's home. Unfortunately, there was an accident a while back where the bell was destroyed in 1969 due to an actual barge ran into the lighthouse, knocking it into the river!

The lighthouse operates from an automated beacon now that aids guidance to incoming ships near Sauvie Island. As a hiker, you can't open it up to see inside the lighthouse but the outside of Warrior Rock is open for the wandering hiker like us, to explore. The hike my boyfriend Grant and I did was along the eastern side of the island, for reference, which is like 3 miles long. The entire hike itself is 7 miles long which makes for a nice leisurely walk alongside the Willamette River.

Don't Forget!
Make sure as you drive into the Sauvie island parking area before you walk into the hiking area to stop in the country store to buy a parking permit. Then follow the road until it turns to gravel, passing all the beaches (including clothing-optional Collins Beach) until the road dead-ends at an unmarked trailhead. The Warrior Rock hike is the only trail once you park and enter the trailhead. The hike itself is simple, muddy and very much covered in forest, the walk back is the same way you came in just be careful to avoid the nude beach if you don't want to see any cock rings, saggy skin or any exposed epidermis. lol. 
I hope you get to get out and explore friends!
Happy travels!

Jordan Jones


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