Monday, September 30, 2019

MZ Fairtrade Fall Fringe Wave Bag

Thrifted navy neck scarf, thrifted red and beige oversized vintage 90's grunge sweater from Americal Eagle Outfitters, vintage Levis from Shipwreck Vintage, Cameo T-shirt from Artifact here in Portland, Oregon. My brown leather boots are from a Goodwill in Salem I picked up after I finished passing my test and of course my fringe leather woven wave bag is from MZ Fairtrade.

Hello, Lovelies!

How've you been? I'm back from my hiatus and getting back on my horse to blogging twice a week again. Have you missed me? 

Now, if you don't remember about two months ago I said I was taking a break from blogging to spend my extra time I would otherwise use to put into this website into to studying. I took the whole month of August which is usually the busiest month for most people anyways who are usually traveling, playing outdoors and enjoying the height of summer at its best and all it has to offer. I turned to my flashcards and online tests to study to retake my Oregon Cosmetology test so I could get my hair license transferred. It was my personal goal in August to make this happen so I studied and made sure that when I drove down an hour outside Portland to Salem to the Health Licensing Office and paid my fees that I would walk away with my license in hand, which I did. I did it, guys! I passed with over 80% too so now I've currently been searching for a salon job as an apprentice with no luck thus far. Do not fear though, my hut continues on so hopefully soon I'll be able to leave my waitressing job to do hair full time. I'll keep you posted and be sure to follow along on Instagram @misshoneylavender to watch my stories to keep up to date which is where I daily talk about what's going on with me and all that goodness. As for September, my Mac Book Pro decided to die on me so it was out of commission for pretty this whole month until I got it fixed. I ended up taking this laptop that I'm currently working on to an Apple partner repair place here in Portland, Oregon called Simply Mac. It took the tech guys another two weeks to repair my laptop but it was worth it since it's now fixed. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you moving forward, I've got lots of posts planned so be sure to follow along so that you don't miss anything...

Alright, enough catching you up to date because I'm really excited to share my new blog post with you all featuring MZ Fair Trade! This company so kindly gifted me this AMAZING fringe bag for fall and I've been LOVING IT. How cute is that leather fringe action? And that cute wool woven design, yes, please!!!?? It goes with all my fall and winter looks as you can see above. 

MZ Fairtrade has recently launched their new fall collection on September 12th so definitely be sure to check out their website to see all their amazing bags available. 

Their Mission Statement is spot-on:
The purpose of MZ is to perpetuate the beautiful artistry of the designers, makers, and artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico by connecting them with socially conscious consumers around the globe. With a focus on traditional craftspeople and marginalized groups who are making their living from handmade items, MZ strives to make a positive impact by nurturing lasting relationships and always abiding by fair trade principles.

Do you like to shop for Fairtrade? 
If the answer is yes then this brand is for you. I can tell my bag is made with incredible quality and great attention to detail which I know will last me for years to come. I always go for quality over quantity, personally, this company is just timeless with their designs and patterns too. All their products on their site are 100% handmade which you know I can stand behind. It's nice to know that when shopping with this brand the proceds go back to their craftsman and artisans, I just love that. If more people choose to shop this way then the world would be a much better place, don't you think?

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to their site now!

Till next time friends!


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