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Vintage Pop Up featuring Chris from @treasurhuntingpdx

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

 I'd like you all to meet my friend Chris Hernandez. I had the pleasure of working together with this smart enthusiastic entrepreneur at one of my brewery jobs last year at Modern Times when the company opened up in Portland last January 2018. We become quick friends always talking about vintage scores and thrifting gems, I loved picking his brain on how to start my own resell vintage business which BIG surprise I'm hoping to launch it next year in 2020. I have be working on this side project of mine for you guys so stay tunned when I finally get it all together I'll be posting all about, "Miss Honey Lavender Vintage" when the time comes. To give you all a bit of backstory, earlier this year (a few months ago) I had the pleasure of attending a unique vintage pop up in a borrowed gallery space off Burnside street here in south east Portland. There were some other cool vendors as well like @recycledrad and @redsauce who are obviously depicted above in these photos I took while shopping around. But the one person I wanted to learn more about how all this magic happens is Chris so without any further adieu let's get into this awesome and inspiring interview with Chris or otherwise known on the gram

1. What made you inspired to want to start treasure hunting?
I started Treasure Hunting originally as an outlet Instagram to sell old clothes I've had sitting in my closet that I felt someone else would enjoy or love. I was familiar with running a thrift account because I used to run an account called Less Fortunate Club with one of my best friends Jaleel. And Treasure Hunting is a name that I’ve had saved in my iPhone notes for years. Soon enough I found myself thrifting on the daily and turned it into a daily post type of reselling page.

2. How did you become interested specifically in Men's Vintage???
 I've always had a knack for dressing true to myself, meaning, if I like something I'm going to wear it regardless of what anyone thinks or has to say. I also hate wearing the same clothes as other people or feeling like i'm following trends. Vintage clothing is so cool to me because the graphics and attention to detail in the older shirts are just so much better. I feel like each piece I come across takes you to a certain time in the world and has a story to tell. Also, the shirts are so rare and hard to find that I know no one else is going to be wearing a particular shirt I'm wearing that day.

3. Do you wear head to toe vintage often? What are your staple items?
I mostly always am wearing at least one or two vintage items on me at all times. Whether its a hat and a shirt or some dope old shoes and jeans. But the beauty of it is, being able to mix and match vintage with new age stuff and creating your own style out of it. Vintage hats are my staple items because they fit my head so much better. And I always get comments on my hat selection.

4. What's been one of your most exciting finds to date?
oof. Honestly too many to mention. You find some pretty amazing stuff when you go thrifting 3-5 times a week. One of my more crazy finds though was an SGT. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Beatles t-shirt completely unworn from the '80s/90's. Seen em go for 250+ dollars.

5. How long have you been invested in your hustle?
With Treasure Hunting, about a year and a half now. Crazy now that I think about it, feels like so much longer. I've been doing the reselling thing for like 4-5 years now though.

6. Where do you hope to go with treasurehunting PDX???
I'm going with the flow. I love what I do and it never feels like a hassle to do it. I would love to have my own vintage resale store with some sort of skateboarding element to it.

7. Do you shop/thrift alone or with a crew?
 I prefer to thrift alone, that way I don't get salty when the homie finds something that I could have come across lol

8. Coffee or tea? Beer or Cocktails?
Coffee 100 %. And I will order a beer before cocktails; however, I'm not opposed to a solid cocktail.

9. How old are you?
I just turned 24 August 2nd

10. What are you most excited for in the future?
All of life. I'm always optimistic about life. THPDX is doing great and I want to venture into new avenues of making clothes, meeting other like-minded people, and keep this thing going.

11. Any advice to those looking to get into vintage or thrifting???
Do it. You won't regret it. But the biggest thing you gotta have is patience.

12. What does eco or slow fashion mean to you?
I honestly don't know, that might be something you have to enlighten me on.

13. Do you consider your brand sustainable?
For sure. I would much rather thrift and support thrift stores than go to the mall or new retail stores for clothing. I feel like everyone should be shopping reused or repurposed items if that's what you meant.
But sustainable in a sense of it keeps me going and pays the bills, yeah that too. I often consider what and where I could take this company if it was my only focus and only job.

14. Words to live by?
Don't be an asshole to people, wake up every day with motivation and ambition, and watch life work itself out. Good things will happen.

Also, wear whatever the fuck you want to wear, screw what everyone else thinks. (I love that)

Thank You for that Chris, you rock bud! I hope you guys also enjoyed reading about this wonderful human as much as I did.Be sure to check out his online Instagram account: to see what all this fuss is about. Have a great week!

Till next time loves!



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