Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jord Watch Giveaway for Fall

Hi Loves!

It's been a hot minute, I've missed blogging and have been meaning to get this post up for a while now. Although this giveaway is ending soon, there's still time to enter but I'll get to that in a minute... 

For now I wanted to talk about how cool JORD watches are not to be confused with my actual name Jordan, their brand name actually comes from Sweden and is pronounced as "YODE" and stands for from the earth, land or soil". Their company also takes no part in global deforestation with how their famous wood watches are made, which is also something I can get behind. JORD watches are awesome because they are made from raw high quality materials designed in Sweden using the same materials as Rolex watches ( and for a fraction of the price I might add). Yes, you read that right! The most unique thing is that every watch is ONE OF A KIND and personalized engraving is available on each and every watch. 

Depicted in my photos above I'm modeling their new fall collection of Apple Watch leather watch bands. I choose this navy leather look because I already have a black watch and the rubber band my original watch came with was nothing special so I thought Navy would be another great neutral accessory.

Want to win your very own JORD watch for FREE? I'm giving away in partnership with this sweet company a $100 dollar gift card to use on their website. Pretty sweet right? Okay, now here's how to enter:

1. Like and comment on my most recent Instagram post HERE

2. Enter their website HERE to follow their giveaway instructions and that's it.

Good Luck!

I'll announce the winner on my Instagram account soon an you'll get en email if your the selected winner.
  • The winner will receive a gift code to select an Apple Band of their choosing!
  • The winner will be emailed in a month (after the contest has concluded), provided all  deliverables have been met. If you would like to discuss the time frame, please let me know!
  • All other entrants will also be emailed a consolation 10% off gift code
  • I will be in touch throughout the giveaway to update you on the progress : )
  • Please make sure that your audience follows the link to enter in order to be considered

Till Next Time.



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