Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Essentials For Portland Oregon

Vintage teal dress I picked up at an Antique mall last fall for a wedding, lavender sweater from ThredUp with new original tags from ASOS, wicker round vintage bag from Artifact PDX, earrings from my amazing and talented jewelry designer friend Sarah from Goldilocks designs, and lastly my shoes are Swedish Hasbeens made by M.I.A.  

Hi Loves!

I'm super excited to share with you all these amazing photos from a recent fall photo shoot I did with a new photographer named Misty. She goes by Modare by Anmrie on Instagram and is an excellent creative who recently moved to Portland this year with her partner. I love how clean, simple, colorful and beautiful these images turned out. On a more important note, I've been heavily relying on these sparkling energy water drinks by HI BALL ENERGY to keep me moving on the go. They have been my "GO - TO" beverage of choice lately, especially the grapefruit flavored one, it's my favorite. Since fall is kick it into high gear season I really NEED these in my everyday life to help fuel me when my coffee wears off and I feel the crash coming I simply sip on one of these bubbly cans and I'm revived. Needless to say I highly recommend trying out these HI BALL energy drinks if you haven't already. I swear by them, it's such a nice alternative to plain ole water lol. 

I love this outfit too, it's been my ideal look lately for fall here in Portland, a sweater over a dress with fun accessories. This is my quintessential fall outfit for sure. The lavender sweater was a gift I received from ThredUp (the world's largest online thrift store) and I love it!!! I love anything lavender and I've been trying to incorporate it in my wardrobe any chance I get so this is a win win with me. If you haven't heard of ThredUp YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT! They are so awesome, because you can search online by your size, brand and even color when you shop. I personally love shopping with them because they help save the environment by keeping clothing from going into landfills and polluting the environment. Really any sustainable brand like ThredUp where I can shop while feeling good about where my money is going is A-OKAY in my book. 

Also, how freaking beautiful is this fall location for these photos?! Fall is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SEASON here in the Pacific Northwest and I think you can get a glimpse why from these glowing yellow and dusty green images. 

My earrings are also something I wanted to talk about because my dear friend who lives in Northern California named Saramade them. Her and I have been friends for a very long time now and I've always loved her free spirit and ability to make wearable art. Check out an old blog posts I did with her from a few years back HERE. Literally these tortoise shell hoop earrings with green accent just add the perfect punch of playful to this funky look. Which many of you may already know that I love mixing new with old, so this unexpected pop is the perfect accessory. Click HERE to check out Sara's ETSY store.

Well,I think this about wraps it up friends for today's post. I'm trying to get back to posting my fun blog posts weekly again so this is the start of an old habit and I getting reacquainted...

I hope you enjoyed this! It's fun sharing my playful outfits and what new products I've been enjoying lately, so I sincerely hope you check them out and give them a try. From buying a pair of handmade earring from my friends Etsy store, to shopping second hand on ThredUp to reaching for a Highball natural Energy drink next time you're at the local grocery store I hope these recommendations come in handy. I truly only share things that I actually use and like from first hand experience, just wanted to make that clear.

Photos by @modeartepdx

Till next time!



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