Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Organic Basics

 Vintage Kimono from a flea market in San Francisco, Bright red vintage handmade 70's pants from Shipwreck vintage, Gold metallic block heels from Aerosoles, Madewell navy barret and last but not least a White Basic T-shirt from Organic Basics.

Hello Loves!

Happy Tuesday and happy almost halloween!!! Now I'm not the biggest Halloween fan so don't be expecting a bunch of Halloween content. Instead you can expect more vintage outfits for your everyday lifestyle like this one above. Now many of you may have been following me for some time now and might've seen a peek or two of these images on my Instagram account @misshoneylavender but I hope this full blog post has inspired you! Sometime I feel like I still dress a little big Southern Californian and this outfit is a prime example of that. Throwing a kimono with any look to give it an easy boho vibe has and will always be a favorite" Go-To" look of mine. I've also been obsessed with barrets lately and can't seem to get enough of the color red, It's getting me into the festive spirit.

I wanted to feature this simple but amazing shirt I'm wearing from Organic Basics and why I want to urge you in checking them out! Organic Basics is a sustainable clothing company that makes underwear, socks, basics and bras for men and women. I also own some briefs and the Triangle bra from them and absolutely love them! I purchased a thing called the multi-pack where it came with the white T-shirt you see above, the two pairs of underwear in black and a matching triangle bra. I'll all all the links HERE. White T-shirt can be found HERE. With winter quickly approaching now as fall begins to push into full swing I'll probably order a few more basic pieces from Organic Basics soon. 


They only work with trusted, certified factory partners- these are the good guys. They have the same sustainable vision as Organic Basics. They follow through with continuously reducing their environmental footprint. These factories also ensure that their workplace is free of child labor and forced labor, their workers are surrounded in a safe working space, paid a living wage, offered employee perks like free lunch and childcare- and of course, they are treated with respect at all times.
What' not to LOVE about these facts?

So as much as I love wearing vintage and second-hand clothing when it comes down to buying new undergarments I'll be turning to this wonderful brand for now one. They really do make affordable, quality products. In fact, I'm going to order my boyfriend some new boxer briefs right now because his old ones are ripping and falling apart. I think this Christmas Grant will be hooked up with some new basics from non-other than Organic Basics. Give em a try! You won't regret it.

Thanks all for now Loves! I just wanted to share these fun outfit photos with you all as well as talk a bit about this lovely brand I discovered. Have a Spooky week!!! 

*Photos by Nate Fox from @watdafaux

Till Next Time!


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