Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Manifestations for 2020

The entire outfit is vintage apparel courtesy of my local vintage shop Workshop Vintage. Everything is either one of a kind or of limited quantity.

Powells Book Store in downtown Portland.

Photos were taken by the talented Shauna Dullanty aka (Little Photo Fox)

Hello Loves!!! 

Welcome back and welcome to a new fabulous year, hello 2020! Let's bring it on shall we? I've been mentally in a space where I wanted to implement some good new habits for this next year so I wrote up this new manifesto below:

I wanted to start off the year on a high note by also saying that 99% of the items on my monthly goals from last year I accomplished which is a HUGE success. The blog post I wrote last January you can refer to HERE has officially set the bar high for me to do well and to keep pushing myself this year in the new decade. I also wrote a blog post 6 months ago checking on my progress which you can read all about HERE. Reflecting back the only thing I didn't get to check off my list is learning Macrame, which is still totally doable, and I'm hoping I can still learn it this year at my local craft shop D.I.Y. bar. So without any further waiting lets jump into some of the NEW monthly goals I'm going to accomplish this year for 2020:

Implement an exercise routine 2-3 times a week to start. I'll try yoga, class app, and my other new app I just downloaded freeleticts. As well as celebrate my 30th birthday by going to the coast Cape Lookout and staying in a cabin overnight. I also would like to buy myself that new camera to film and take photos for Youtube and Instagram with my signing bonus from my new hairstylist job.

 It is going to be my Zero waste month, I'm going to buy and get my home and meal planning more zero waste by using glass jars, and attempt to go grocery shopping in bulk. Get a weekly grocery list and meal prep as much as I can, use my reusable shopping bags and not buy items in plastic.

Try Hello Fresh, talk about reflect on using Imperfect Produce. Be better by being consistent by posting weekly Youtube videos and IGTV style videos. Being consistent with my posting has always been a bit tricky...

Travel to San Francisco for Grant and I's 4-year anniversary for a 3 day weekend!!! Go to old favorite spots and seek out Flea Style, book a sick AIRBNB and explore.

Travel back to San Diego with Grant for visiting family for a 3-4 day weekend. Spend time with my best friend Alex and my brother, go thrifting with mom and get sushi with dad. I plan on filing this whole experience and taking fun photos along the way.

Celebrate Grants Birthday by going camping!!! Hopefully, this will be in Idaho but somewhere in Oregon or Washington will work too. This is the beginning of the camping season, so I want to be outside a LOT more.

Start going camping or river swimming once a week to every other week this time of year. My personal goal is going to to the lavender fields this year and or also camp in Mosier or see bear grass locally.

Get back into gardening!!! Do things differently and learn from last year, Sign up for a macrame class this year and learn how to do it!

Go to a pumpkin patch and get one from Sauvie Island, take photos and dry your herbs this year from your garden to give as gifts and cook with.

Try making a new dish for Thanksgiving like sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes and gravy. Go on a hike in the gorge and get outside.

Make lots of holiday content for ways to be green, zero waste and easy to give and make. Handmade gifts this year!!!

There ya have it, folks, these are my personal goals and ambitions for 2020, what are some of yours??? I'd love to know, please feel free to share below or hop on social media and follow along to keep up with me.

I love and appreciate you all so much! Thank You.

Jordan Jones


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