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Zero Waste Products You Should Be Using

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It's been a minute since my last blog post but I'm back today to share some neat zero waste products that I've been loving lately. For today's post, I've partnered up with One Degree World to show you what ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS YOU SHOULD BE USING as we continue to go into 2020. As some of you may have been following along and know that this year I'm making bigger strides in an effort to become even more eco-friendly, green-conscious and zero waste focus. So if your into this hot topic at the moment as well then this post is definitely for you!

This blog post today is in partnership with an amazing green company named, One Degree World. A company all about giving back to the environment and helping people to make easily sustainable switches in their everyday lives.

Heres a little bit about ONE DEGREE WORLD:

"We aim to make the world a better place to live, one reusable product at a time. Sometimes our products do come with plastic packaging, but we hope that the product you buy will last you a long time and reduce wastefulness in the long-term.Every year, we select a new environmental organization to support. This year, we are donating 5% of select purchases to the Indonesian Nature Foundation (LINI). Donations to LINI will be used to support aquaculture training for coastal communities, reef restoration programs, and marine education activities for local schools."
*Feel free to investigate and learn more for yourself by checking out their website:
Now onto the fun items, you see in my post above! I have a total of 6 eco/green products you should definitely consider switching to this year if you haven't already.
These biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to plastic ones. Keep your oral hygiene in check, while keeping plastic out of our oceans, waterways, and beaches.  Tons of our plastic toothbrushes end up in our environments ever year. You can help keep these out of our waterways by adopting more sustainable routines and using bamboo products instead. This simple transition can have significant long-term positive impacts on our environments, so let's do our part and keep unnecessary plastics out of our landfills and waterways! Click HERE to get yours, but in all honesty, these toothbrushes are a new favorite of mine because they actually work well and knowing that I can simply compost them afterward makes me feel better about using these disposable items. I made the switch to these and it's super easy, you should too. For a bonus, I'm actually doing a giveaway where I'll be giving away 5 new bamboo toothbrushes to one lucky winner. See my INSTAGRAM account for details and how to enter.

With these soft and smooth reusable makeup pads, you'll never have to buy single-use makeup wipes again! You can use these on your skin, eyes, and lips. Made with bamboo fiber, this simple switch will help you transition to a greener lifestyle. To be honest, I haven't used these yet but I'm excited to start making it a regular habit when I take my makeup off at night. I'll admit I'm guilty of using normal face wipes to rub off my makeup but these little pads are a game changer! It's going to reduce soo much less unnecessary waste now. I already use a facial oil or cleansing balm to remove stubborn eye makeup but now I can reach for these instead and just wash them in the laundry as needed, genuis!

Countries around the world are moving to ban single-use products like these items. Do your part and start incorporating reusable products into your daily routine! These reusable makeup swabs are a great alternative to single-use cotton swabs. They effectively remove makeup and dirt and are small enough to fit in your backpack, purse, or other carrying bags. I have yet to also test these out because I'm still using up my regular cotton swabs but once I'm out or next time I go on a trip I'll definitely be bringing these in my carryon.    
These are an everyday essential for me and I'm now that person who always carries straws in their purse. I love using my Bamboo Utensil Kit too for my lunches at work because it keeps me from grabbing and using that plastic cutlery that you see everywhere. Instead, I love taking care of my things and bringing my straws around with me is so so useful and practical. 
A biodegradable, bamboo hairbrush that will leave your hair feeling like silk and tangle-free. Your hair & scalp will thank you! I'm also including this new brush into my GIVEAWAY that will be announced on my Facebook and INSTAGRAM page. I was so graciously gifted this hairbrush from One Degree World but being a hairdresser myself I really don't need another brush so I'm going to give back and pass it along to you guys! Good Luck entering!
This reusable food packaging is the perfect substitute for plastic wrap. It can be used for cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread as well as other foods. Wraps are made from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and resin. I've been using this stuff for a few weeks now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE USING IT. Have you ever used this stuff before? Its fun, and so simple to wrap up anything that needs to be set aside for reuse. I've been using it for my leftovers and to pack my sandwiches I take to work on the reg. Plastic wrap is such a waste, this wax paper can be washed and rewrapped over and over again, definitely a  thumbs up in my book!
So do yourself a favor and get shopping!!! 
As a special bonus I have a unique discount code for you all to use on your first purchase with One Degree World:

Till next time loves, have an excellent week! 



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