Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Pattern Smashing 80's/90's Edition

Hi, Loves!!!

Today as I write this I'm reminiscing and having MAJOR nostalgia vibes for the '90s and 80's. A 90's kid at heart (since I was actually born in 1990) I get a kick out of the fact that I'm starting to see trends and styles I used to see in some of my favorite old Rom-Com movies growing up as a kid. Movies like You've Got Mail or Never Been Kissed were amongst my favorites. I used to think it was weird to dress from the era I grew up in but now I'm fully embracing it because, to be honest, it's fun and lifes too dam short loves! I should also mention that this location of this shoot was in the ever so popular and famous bookstore here in Portland Oregon called Powells Books on a rainy winter evening. When there's limited light to take cool photos I have to get creative when it comes to shooting a fabulous outfit like this one. Also, the fact that I found this fun photo journal book of Kurt Cobain was oh so fitting too. I definitely look up to him for the whole 90's grunge movement that took storm after Nirvana hit the music scene in the '90s. I loved growing up listening to his powerful raw songs.

I can't help but think this look would've been out of an Elle magazine or Vogue street style editorial like this one HERE or HERE I have to admit this photo session was an absolute blast with Shauna from Little Photo Fox. I was literally changing in between the bookshelves in between looks and definitely got some interesting odd glances from passing book shoppers. Whatever I felt like this look was a power boss lady look and I felt amazing in it so that what mattered. From the brown cowboy boots to the plaid A-line skirt which actually might've been more of a 70's style skirt to the boxy oversized blazer this outfit was 100% me. When you rock an outfit that you feel completely conformable in and like yourself then you know you look and actually feel your best. 

Let's talk about Pattern Smashing Shall We???

Why this mixes well is because the patterns are all different sizes and colors that play well off each other. Mix your stripes and mix your plaids guys see what fun you can have with your outfit! I tried to tone this vibe down by keeping everything neutral but some colorful patterns in this print mix could also be fun for summer or a spring mix. Have you ever thought of mixing different eras with different prints like this before? How about a 70's floral print with a 90's mini-floral print toped with a 60's flower power broach or vest to add an extra bit of playfulness. Have fun with what you wear and how you mix things together. You could even mix a whole outfit in black and white but use all kinds of different patterns throughout the outfit like stripes, plaid, checkers, florals, and geometrics, that would be cool!!!

Now take a moment and think about what similar patterns you have in your closet to smash, I bet there's something that you haven't worn in a while that needs to come out to play...

I really hope this photo set inspires you loves, dressing out of your comfort zone helps us grow an opens up our creative minds. 

I want to give a GIANT THANK YOU to WORKSHOP VINTAGE  (@workshopvinatgea local vintage shop here in North Portland where I bored (and the bought most of the clothing) from. So if your ever in the mood to shop vintage you NEED to stop in Workshop Vintage and tell the Owner Jordan says hi and that I sent you over, you'll be glad you did, Just trust me on this guys.

Now go out and have the most fantastic fabulous amazing week ever loves!



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