Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A POP OF COLOUR: How to Wear A Beret

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Good, I hope. This blog post is coming at you to help uplift your spirits and to show some fun fashion content. I love this outfit because not only is it super comfy but it's also such a pleasure to showcase one of Downtown Portlands iconic areas (near the concert hall). The classic Portland sign in the background of my pictures shown is a quintessential location for many of us local Portlanders. Unfortunately, right now as we are in this time of crisis due to the Pandemic Covid-19 virus this area is looking like a desert right now with all of us Pacific North Westerns locked up inside our homes. 

So besides that obvious fact, I thought I'd show off my cute red hat which is called a "beret" if you didn't know, its a classic staple in many of our closets so I thought it would be a fun way to highlight a classic accessory. I have two berets, in fact, a navy one I picked up on sale from Madewell a few years back before I only shopped second hand and sustainable. The rest of my outfit is vintage, second hand and things I've had for years pulled together to give you a quirky "Pop Of Color" we all are craving right now as we head into Spring 2020. 

To break down my outfit I'm wearing a vintage red beret from Hollywood Vintage a local freaking awesome vintage shopping mall on Sandy street you NEED to check out if you ever visit after this "No Travel Band" lifts. My coat is an old thrifted Eddie Bauer wool thing I've had for years and it's super warm. My T-shirt is from a fabulous thrifter queen Beth Jones who has an addictive YouTube channel and inspirational website: Check her out if you'd like, I'm a BIG fangirl and I'm not ashamed of saying so lol. My jeans are a bit oversized but that's okay because they're vintage Levis I picked up from a garage sale last summer. My beige oversize shirt is from the old school brand Wranger I thirfted from a Goodwill a few months back. My belt is also an old thrifted thing I've had for years. My boots are these wonderful vegan leather shoe brand called Coco Nuts, "The Going West Boot" from Free People. Red bandana scarf is something I picked up from another favorite local vintage shop here in Portland called, Red Light Clothing Exchange.  Lastly, my old woven basket bag was a birthday gift I bought myself years ago when I used to live in San Francisco from the General Store in the Sunset district.

There ya have it ALL the deets on my look ; )
 I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my favorite brands and stores, your welcome. I wanted to style this look in a casual way to show that you can dress up or down a classic hat like the beret. 

All these beautiful images were taken from a fav local photographer friend named Shauna from The Little Photo Fox.
P.S. These images were taken a few months ago prior to the pandemic outbreak

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