Friday, March 20, 2020

Passion Lilie: A Fair Trade & Ethical Brand Empowering Women

Triangles Midi Skirt from Passion Lilie, green vintage top from my local vintage store Shipwreck Vintage, Vintage 80's sweater jacket, Black hat from Workshop Vintage, Old black shoes from Target and an old Free People basket bag.

Hi Loves, how are ya hanging in there today? 
I know times are tough right now as the globe faces one of the most trying times in our lifetime but we are alone in this together here. Despite the heavy mood of the planet right now I still wish to provide you all with something to look forward to and to brighten your day with playful and colorful content.

Now many of you may know that I do not like to share brands that I do not believe in and therefore I only like to stand behind companies that are doing good in the world like Passion Lilie.
 The skirt I'm wearing is made from hand-loomed Ikat fabric. And it was inspired by creating simple lines with a playful print that will ideally cheer up your mood and your look (obviously!) There's also more information about the Ikat fabric/weaving process on their website
Today I wanted to share with you all this adorable on-trend black high waisted A-line Triangles skirt they so kindly gifted me. You can find the skirt online on their website to snag yours if you'd like and be sure to use my discount code:
MHLDiscount for 20% off your purchase.

About Passion Lilie:
They are a wonderful Fair Trade company that not only is ethical, sustainable but also empowers women, how rad is that? Passion Lile prides itself on the mission to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities. By offering fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and long term employment to artisans in India, these job opportunities lead to sustainable societies for a better world. They are committed to using eco-friendly materials throughout the supply chain preserving the artistic and cultural talents of its craftspeople.

I hope this post leaves you inspired and wanting to shop this ethical brand as we continue to sit at home and wait out this storm. If you've got the shopping bug and are lucky enough to work from home then I highly recommend giving this brand: Passion Lile a shot and don't forget to use my discount code MHLDiscount while you're at it.

Talk with you soon Loves, be safe and stay healthy!



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