Friday, June 5, 2020

Hanging On By A String

Vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange, Portland Flea Market vintage vest from Eddie Bauer, M.I.A. clog shoes from Shipwreck Vintage, and handmade face mask made from deadstock vintage fabric from Most Everything Vintage

Hi Loves!

What a crazy month its been so far am I right??? At the beginning of this week, I felt like I was hanging on by a string...

With the protests going on every day for the Black Lives Matter Movement to the COVID 10 pandemic still at large I can't believe that we are living through so much history being made right now. It's all so surreal, I am forever changed and have been shaken to the core. This week I've been reading articles, donating, attending peaceful protests, and having long difficult awkward conversations with friends and family about the heated topic. A week before I was able to get really creative by doing this whimsical photoshoot with one of my favorite photographer friends Nate from @watdafux photography. He nailed it! 

But enough about me for this post since I have your attention now I wanted to help raise awareness for the People of Color voices that should be heard for the Black Lives Matter Movement that currently taking place in my city of Portland Oregon and across the globe on equality on racism as well as putting an end to police brutality. In case you've been living under a rock, I'm talking about Geroge Floyd who was a father a strong African American from Cincinnati who was murdered unnecessarily from a white pig of a cop. The video of him went viral this past week when the cop kneed on Floyds back of the neck until he was killed for attempting to use a counterfeit bill at a local convenience store in his neighborhood. He was being harassed and being arrested when this brutal behavior displayed from the cop that is now in jail thankfully. Uhhh my stomach is turning and making me sick right now as I type this story. Human rights are for everyone, this long-standing racism needs to end. 

As a privileged white person of color I will leave you with this, please donate, sign the petitions and go out and vote right now, go educate yourself and listen to the stories of the pressed people. I've taken a week of silence on my social media channels in order to amplify the voices that MUST be heard. I felt like I had to make a stand and talk about on here what I believe and what I think is the right thing to do by letting anyone reading this blog post to know the truth. This is all I have to say since I'm certainly not an expert on this topic by any means so below I'll leave some helpful links to those that wish to actually DO SOMETHING about whats going on. I hope this is helpful:

Here's another really helpful link with tons of information to better help support black own small businesses:

* These are just a few causes and links to donate and sign your name to petition to help the cause. Please do your part and do the same.

Thanks so much for reading!



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