Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Only Constant Is CHANGE

From the top to bottom I'm wearing a Brixton women's forest green hat that was given to me from my friend Megan Grant (a fellow hairstylist), a sweater jacket from Anthropologie, thrifted maxi dress (originally from Target), shoes are from the brand M.I.A. clogs purchased from a local vintage shop Workshop Vintage. My bolow necklace is from another local vintage shop called Most Everything Vintage, the longer necklace I made and the rings are a mix of handmade and vintage.

Images were taken and edited by Nate (@watdafaux) at sunset on Mount Tabor here in Portland Oregon.

Well well well we meet again loves. Hello! I've missed you all, there's been a lot going on in the news and media recently and there's been a ton of change. Just like the blog post title I mentioned, "The Only Constant Is CHANGE" seriously, this couldn't resonate more with me as of lately. 

So in all honesty I'm no expert in telling you who the best black-owned vintage shops are, which African American Instagrammers you should be following or what books to read right now and I apologize. I personally do recognize that I need to brush up more on my diversity with the content I consume, which brands to support, and whatnot but personally I've been overwhelmed by the news and social media lately. I know you readers come to me to read about what I'm up to, what I'm wearing, what I'm shopping for and where I'm going which I am more than happy to share with you all but I know the world is changing all around us and there's no denying it. We HAVE to stop and take notice, there's no ignoring it. Black lives matter and the Coronavirus is still among our society, climate change is still a threat and quite honestly it's a LOT to take in. So instead of adding to the noise and having you walk away from reading this post feeling the same things I've been feeling lately, I'll focus on what's in front of me. For once in my life, I can't seem to plan ahead as I once was able to. Living in the moment, in the now and just being is what's bringing me most peace right now and that's OKAY.

So with all that said I won't ramble on more about myself, I'll just leave it at that for this week. I'm still learning, observing, and trying to take care of myself. My mental health is something I'm taking notice of as of lately as well as helping and being of aid and support to those around me right now. I promise to have more enriching content next week and the months to follow but for now, I just want to BE.

Take care of yourselves and stay woke, stay safe, and be healthy my love. Talk to you all very soon...



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