Saturday, September 12, 2020

WINNING with Yeouth Natural Skincare

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Hello Loves!

Welcome to this week's blog post all about a favorite staple skincare company called Yeouth Skincare a natural ingredient line sold through Amazon that's very straight forward and has proven results. Now I know that your probably a little tired of seeing me post about a bunch of natural makeup this and clean beauty skincare that but I always personally find it helpful when the friends and people I follow rave about a new brand that they swear by. So when I reached out to by a sweet rep who really loves the Yeouth products and offered to have me try them I couldn't say no. 

These images above were taken at a local Portland arcade last fall (pre-COVID) and I almost forgot that I took this super fun and playful game based photos there until I rediscovered them on my laptop. I figured I just HAD to post these! It really did feel like I was WINNING once I discovered this clean skincare line. Now my only set back that I don't particularly love is the fact that the little tubs they use to hold the creams, and moisturizers come in plastic-based containers. I should mention that I have received my serums in amber glass bottles for their other product lines that can be recycled which I defiantly appreciate. More companies that make natural skincare NEED to keep implementing these sorts of elements into their policy. This is why I personally loved my new OSEA products which are mostly made and packaged to be zero waste items. See THIS POST to read more on OSEA but for now, I've been enjoying mixing and matching my beauty products to best suit my skin needs depending on the season and weather. 

Speaking of weather I just want to sate that currently my state of Oregon is in a HUGE smokey haze blanked by the fumes and ashes from the nearby wildfires that surround my city of Portland Oregon. Needless to say, the air is very dry and polluted at the moment so the last thing I want to be worried about is what crappy chemicals might be incorporated in my skincare products... At least with these Yeouth products, I know that I'm doing myself a favor by using clean ingredients clearly stated on the products themselves. Anyways long story short if you've been looking for a new skincare line that's very affordable, accessible, and natural ingredient based then I highly recommend you try out this company. Lately, this neck firming cream has been my Go-To face moisturizer, here's the link to shop it for yourself: 

Well, my friends, I hope you all stay well, remain healthy and safe this year. Till next time!

Jordan Jones

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