Monday, August 3, 2020

OSEA A Zero Waste Skincare Company

Hi Loves!

IIIIII'MMMMM BBAACCKK and I'm so ready to share with you all this brand new blog post on a wonderful new zero-waste skincare company I've become obsessed with called OSEA Malibu ( safe, non-toxic skincare).

Ever heard of a skincare line that focuses on naturally derived ingredients from the sea? What about one that uses glass packaging for their products in order to stay as eco friendly as possible? Or what about a family-owned skincare business? 

Well OSEA is all this and more! Plus their products really work I should know its been over a month since I received some full-size bottles of their most popular items to test out and man my skin has never been clearer. Their products are all plant-based bioavailable formulas that deliver your best skin. 

The items featured in these pictures are as follows:

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for free shipping on ALL US orders

I can't speak more highly enough of this wonderful company and I definitely recommend you give them a try and check them out if you haven't already. My personal favorite items are the cleansing Mudd which leaves my face fresh and timely and hydrating mists which leaves my skin super evenly balanced and hydrated. 

Check out their website to learn more and poke around on their website to take a look for yourself:



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