Thursday, August 6, 2020

How to Style A Linen Robe for Summer

Starting from the top I'm rocking a black wide-brimmed straw hat from Petergrimm hat's, a linen wrap robe from Le Muse, thrifted indigo dress and shoes from Goodwill, reversible vintage terrycloth vest from eBay, wooden small studded purse from Shop Cloud Vintage and I made the earrings from my jewelry line @misshoneylavendervinatge

Hi Loves!

Welcome to a new blog post this week, today I'm happy to bring you some MAJOR outfit inspiration for summer. For the days we do end up venturing out into the world with our face masks on and sanitizer in hand I thought it might be nice to see how I'm getting dressed to face the warm sun and cool breezy evenings. 

Since it's still to warm at least where I live in the Pacific North West to wear giant coats and wool jackets the perfect summer lightweight alternative is vests and robes. I know radical right? But in all seriousness, I've been actually wearing this linen robe soooo often. I was so kindly gifted from a fantastic eco and sustainable brand called Le Muse and if they sound familiar that's because they probably are. If you read my other recent blog post from a few weeks back titled," How To Style A Linen Jumper For Summer" then you may remember a few things I shared about this company. For one they are all produced in Lithuania where they are designed from a small production house of 2-3 people with more than 30 years experience. These crafts workers specialize in working with natural fabrics sewing linen, wool, and cotton exclusively for Le Muse. Talk about a small company, I just love that this brand keeps it small and in house so that they can pay their employees accordingly. I personally really enjoy working alongside brands like Le Muse to help showcase their one of a kind small batch minimal classic designs and this robe is no exception. 

*Fun fact I actually hand-dyed this robe from the indigo project I did earlier this summer. You can watch my IGTV video to see the whole process yourself. Try and see if you can spot the (what was light pink linen robe) in the short film. I'm not a huge fan of pink so I wanted to change it up by dying it blue. 

In short, I hope you enjoyed this fashion styling post and give Le Muse a browse. They have some wonderful items on their site. Its been nice chatting but I've got to go and outfit plan my looks for my work week so I'll be back again soon loves!

Jordan Jones


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