Friday, August 28, 2020

Car Camping in Mount Hood National Forest Oregon


Hi Hi Loves!

I can't express enough how much of a relaxing and beautiful time this was spending time in nature for a whole 24 hours. This day adventure chilling at Lost Lake turned dispersed camping in the Mount Hood national Forrest was EPIC!!! 

Exploring Lost Lake & Car Camping in Mount Hood

My boyfriend Grant and I headed out from our sweet little one-bedroom apartment early in the morning to head out into nature nearby in the mountains which I why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE living in Portland Oregon everything is an hour away, the ocean, the mountains, a waterfall, camping spots an epic hiking spot it's all in my backyard essentially. What do you most LOVE about living where you are located? I'm so glad I moved to Oregon from San Diego California its been one of the best decisions of my young adult life. 


Starting off I'm just wanting to say that I'm not a complete expert on camping outdoors but I kinda feel like Grant and I have nailed our set up when we go off to a dispersed spot out in the wild to car camp overnight. So last spring he and I flew to San Diego to drive up a Toyota Pick up truck that was gifted to us from his dad so that we could have a second car between us and also so that we could take it out to camp. If your curious about how that trip went you are in luck because I wrote a whole blog post about it HERE. 

Anyways when it comes to or "set up" we invested in an air mattress for our bed that fits perfectly in the back of the truck bed. The pick up also has a sturdy shell that we sleep securely inside and I totally prefer it over than a tent. I'm often times warmer and sleep rest assured that no random cougar, bear or big spider will attack me left to open and vulnerable. That would be my first bit of advice which is to try car camping and get a truck bed air mattress to sleep safe and sound. Now besides that, a few other things you're going to need are as follows:

1. Firewood 
Most of the time Grant and I stop in a grocery store to pick up at least one or two bundles of firewood and a dual flame log which helps get the campfire started.
2. Ice Chest(s) / Drink Cooler
You'll definitely want to bring some food with you as well as somewhere safe and sturdy to store long with 1-2 bags of ice from your local corner store, gas station, or grocery store.
3. Sleeping bags, Blankets & Pillows
This should be obvious but please don't forget to grab the cozy essentials so that your warm and comfortable enough for a good night's rest.
4. Practical Clothing & Accessories
Camping is the best excuse to bust out your heavy sturdy boots, warm fleece sweaters, beanies, long johns, overalls, and old beat-up jeans you don't care bout getting dirty or scuffed. Ladies leave your makeup at home, boys don't forget your toothbrush!
5. Bring Your Open Adventours Attitude
Seriously having the right mindset and willingness to be out for a day or several to rough it takes a certain kind of strong individual who does mind not showering, breathing in the fresh air and that is ready to take the adventure head-on. 

So that wraps up a few of my basic essentials for car camping beside the other obvious things like a good working car, a tank full of gas, and hopefully 4 wheel drive lol. 

In case you'd like to see more about how I car camp you should also check out my YouTube channel where I give you a car camp tour. I'd love for you to see for yourself and consider spending some time outdoors which is like natural therapy for the human soul...

May this little humble blog post inspire you to get out there and explore.

Till next time loves!




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