Monday, May 17, 2021

It's ALL ABOUT THE PONCHO & Life Updates

Secondhand cap from the brand Brixton purchased from a resell store called Artifact
Vintage Guatelman green poncho from a local vintage shop here in Portland Oregon 
Thrifted 80's or 90's jumper from a local Goodwill
Black leather boots from a vintage antique mall called Hollywood Vintage which I've mentioned before in a previous blog post HERE
Turquoise bolo necklace and small leather purse purchased from a small vintage store in Vancouver Washington named Most Everything Vintage

 Hello Loves!

I'm BACK this week with a small post showcasing an unexpected clothing item I've fallen for the poncho. I thought a goof vest was going to be the thing that I thought I'd wear to the ground to add some quirkiness to my style but no I now have decided I want to source a few more gems like this show stopper piece. I personally love anything handmade, with embroidery and something with a pop of color so of course when I saw this neat textile on the hanger I knew I HAD to have it. I like a good poncho because it also pushes me to get outside of my styling brain to dress-up items that need a moment to shine so that's exactly what I did here. Now mind you I did get this item earlier this year in February but I am expecting to wear this in the summer and warmer months layered on top of dresses and shorts. Either way, I'm super excited to rock this item and keep it in my wardrobe as a forever piece...

In Other News...
This week I have my parents coming to visit me this Saturday and I literally can not wait! I haven't seen my good ole mom and pops in about two years mainly due to the Pandemic. I had plans to fly to San Diego CA, where I'm originally from last December but my partner and I had to cancel our trip due to the state of California being shut down with another huge wave of the COVID 19 virus spreading. Anyways they are doing me a HUGE favor by driving up and hauling some antique furniture I'm inheriting from my Grandpa Robert Smith my mom's dad. Some of these items will include a handmade vintage cross-stick sunflower picture I'll be hanging in my kitchen in my dining nook and a vintage round mirrored vanity and dresser from the 1950s that will be going in my "Closet/Office" room amongst other retro things that I'll be surprised with. Stay tuned for a new house tour coming next month where I'll be sharing each room in a blog post. I'll probably do a home tour for Instagram as well at some point with the help of my friend Vanessa whos quite handy with a camera. I also wish to start making more jewelry again once I get my closest office room re-organized so stay tuned. If you don't follow me on IG @misshoneylavender you should because you might also know that Grant and I also recently adopted our new dog Kiko an American Akita two months ago ANNND we recently purchased a vintage Roamin Charroit Truck Camper. I'll be trying my best to share our renovation process here and there from painting it, cleaning it, installing some new contact paper on the counters, and just making it a bad-ass 70's style outdoor camper. So yeah lots have been happening for us this year and I want to keep sharing more with you all online as much as I can. 

If you've read this far, I want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU and I'll be sure to check back in again soon loves!

Jordan Jones

Have a great week!

Anyways I think that's enough life update stuff for you guys for this week. I'll be trying my best to keep posting on here weekly which I'm challenging myself to get back in the habit of.


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