Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Camping Clear Lake in Mount Hood Oregon


Hello Loves!

Welcome back to another awaited new blog post featuring some special images from my recent camping trip in Mount Hood. This past weekend was memorial day weekend and luckily my future hubby, myself, and our friends Vanessa and her husband Grant all were able to meet up and stay outside for the night under the stars. We had some funny conversations swapping stories over the campfire at night where I spotted not one, not two but three shooting stars in the night sky. What luck is that? I thought it was pretty special and I did not miss my opportunity to make three separate wishes too. 

In regards to where we went camping it was on a manmade lake where they had just stocked up with fresh fish from the nearby fishery ranging from trout, salmon, and others just to name a few. I personally did not partake in "fishing" but Vanessa's husband did who is also named Grant, (he has the same name as my partner) small world I know. This was a special night as well since it was the first time I got to camp in our new to us vintage camper with our new adopted dog Kiko who is an American Akita we think she's pretty special. It was so cute when we went to bed up in the camper she hopped up and slept in the middle of us in our bed like the child she is. We usually don't have her sleep in bed with us at home since she's such a big doggo but we made an exception this time since the bed was actually big enough for all of us. I'll have to share more about the actual camper on here down the road because it defiantly needs some renovation with a fresh coat of paint and some contact paper on the inside as well as the cushions to need to be reupholstered etc... It's going to be perfect for us though because on our honeymoon next year we want to take it on a long two-week road trip across the United States to a bunch of national parks like Yellowstone and Zion. That's going to be so much fun, I seriously can not wait, and don't worry I'll be sure to share all about it on here. 

Our new camper is called a Roamin Charroit in case your wondering and was definitely built in the 1960s. It was apparently handbuilt here in the Pacific northwest from a guy who apparently only made a small batch of them custom-built to be able to lay and sit perfectly on the bed of a pickup truck. Our car camping days may be over for now but this upgrade certainly makes our camping excursions more like glamping excursions, so I'm not complaining. It's going to be nice to have especially once we have a little family to go outdoors in the future. 

As you can tell from the images above it was a beautiful day and we were lucky to have nice summer weather for the weekend. I'm looking forward to more time being spent outdoors especially at our nearby rivers and lakes this summer. This is all part of why I LOVE living here in the Pacific Northwest there's simply soo much to explore here and I've only begun to scratch the surface. Later this summer we have plans to take a longer camping trip to the Painted Hills and Silver Falls state park so yeah this is only the beginning...

I hope you all had a fabulous time out and about this past month but now that it's officially summertime it's time to party and celebrate. Till next time loves!




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