Sunday, January 16, 2022

How to Style An 80's Dress with Modern Flare


Thrifted vintage striped 80's navy dress from my local Goodwill
Mustard cardigan gifted to me from a friend, It's from BP Nordstroms
Navy tights are from Target
Thrifted brown western slip-on boots from Goodwill
Red leather handmade purse from Land & Kamp
My own handmade necklaces from Shop Miss Honey Lavender
Vintage brown belt from Workshop Vintage
Thrifted Earrings from Goodwill

Well well well, hello loves!

It's 2022 and I'm back this year starting off with a little fashion post for ya. One thing I personally love to do when it comes to wearing thrift or vintage items is to mix them together with new modern styles like my locally made handbag and current sweater cardigan. The juxtaposition of something old mixed with new always excites the eye and brings a fun twist to any outfit. 

Sometimes when you are a lover of old things you have to be careful of not wearing a whole look of super cheap or ill-fitting vintage pieces just because you can. In order to stand out from the crowds and dress fashionably the perfect mix of modern silhouettes and retro key items help to give off a very funky look that's sure to turn some heads. It's how I prefer to dress on any given day, to be honest. Another key element is dressing in a color pallet that has shades of the opposite color wheel. Blue and yellow play well off together while pops of brown help act as a grounding hue to hold the look together giving off a chic vibe. Plus to top it off a bit of confidence helps a whole lot when it comes to dressing for yourself to feel like the BEST version of yourself. People will sense this and most likely compliment you on it, it's the truth. Positivity and confident people attract like-minded souls allowing others to open up to you. The power of dressing is so strong and can send powerful messages even to the bystander you walk by on the street.

I hope it was neat to hear a bit of my fashion diary reflection on this particular ensemble. My goal is to do more of these throughout the new year to document my day-to-day by how I dress, I find it super interesting and I hope you do too. Have a great day!



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