Monday, January 3, 2022

Compostable Chapstick? Yes please.

Thrifted vintage Harkey Davidson T-Shirt, Free People high-waisted pants, Vintage Fishermans cap from M.I.Y.O. an old brown bandana from Red Light Clothing Exchange, and a necklace I made. 

Capstick from Blue Heron Botanicals is a locally owned small business run by women and made from natural sustainable ingredients.

It's wintertime and if your anything like me where you constantly slather on chapstick any chance you get on your lips this time of year then you'll LOVE learning about Blue Heron Botanicals. Now I know I'm wearing red lipstick in these photos above taken at a super-fun arcade game center a few years ago, you best believe I have a decent amount of chapstick on underneath the layers of ruse. 

I wear chapstick every day, like wearing sunscreen it's become a habit if you will. Before bed, I put it on, in the mornings while I'm getting ready for the day I have it on my lips at all times, especially on the days where I don't wear makeup. So when this awesome little company hit me up and wanted to work with me I had to say yes!

Here are just a few reasons to try and love Blue Heron Botanicals:
1. They have a 1 for 1 policy, for every purchase made a baby sea turtle is saved. They give back by donating a portion of funds from every product sold to SEE Turtles and the Billion Baby Turtles initiative. This means that for every product sold a baby sea turtle is protected.
2. Their items are made in small batches with premium quality ingredients. All their products are non-toxic and not tested on animals too. 
3. They are committed to being plastic-free packaging each and every item in a compostable tube you can throw in your garden after use, how cool is that?!

Basically, this rad little company is one that needed to be acknowledged. I've been using their products for a few years now and truly believe in what they are doing and would be so grateful if you gave them a shot too. So next time you need some chapstick make it compostable and try Blue Heron Botanicals.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share my appreciation of chapstick with you all!


Jordan Jones

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  1. Gosh I guess I need to order some ASAP! I am Obsessed with chapstick. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome brand!!!!


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