Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Our Engagement Story


Hello Loves, below is my story of how I got engaged and these photos are from that very special weekend. I hope you enjoy my engagement story seeing a peek into our love story a little bit more...

It all took place during a GETAWAY weekend for two nights and three days away in nature up in Mount Adams Washington. We left behind our little one-bedroom apartment in North Portland for a weekend adventure. A few months prior Grant and I hand-picked our engagement rings from a local vintage specialty jewelry store called Gem Set Love. Since then we had been holding onto our rings promised to one another for several months at this point. Little did I know that this weekend away he would surprise me under the most perfect "US" setting in front of a firepit, amongst the winter sky where we could see ALL the stars and constellations just gazing up lounging in the wooden chairs provided on our glamping site. The weekend was originally planned for a wedding we were hoping to attend to go to in sunny San Diego California. But alas COVID 19 numbers jumped up just as we were hoping to fly to southern California so we canceled the flights, pulled the plug, and pivoted into re-thinking our mini-vacation weekend. 

For about a year or so I had been following this account online called GETAWAY HOUSE a cabin on wheels essentially where you could stay overnight and enjoy the surroundings and comfort of camping with all the essentials and comforts of home. I jumped on the chance to book our stay for two nights. Inside the cabin, we had AC, heating, a mini-fridge, shower, and full bathroom, and a giant bed facing an amazing window looking out into the forest of Mount Adams. It was picturesque and the perfect setting which made sense to be proposed to in a place like this. 

Once we arrived and unpacked our gear, took in the location, and settled in we opened up some Patio Pale Ales from a local brewery MIGRATION we had brought with us and begun to build a fire to cook our dinner over the firepit. That night we had dinner rolls, roasted sausages, baked beans, potato salad, and some greens to round out the meal. But before we had really gotten into cooking the meal Grant pulled out a secret bottle of wine that we had been saving for a special occasion which I had no idea he brought from home to surprise me with. To give you a bit of the back story we had bought this bottle of wine on his surprise 23rd birthday back in Temecula, California from Ponte Winery. It was a delicious bottle of red wine but over the last 4 years of us dating, we had always joked that we would share this bottle of wine for our wedding or some kind of special occasion...

So you can imagine how taken back I was when he casually wiped out this bottle of wine from his Patagonia backpack. He then proceeded to bend over on one knee and asked me if we should open this super sentimental bottle, I said, "Sure?!" without any inkling of what was going to happen next. So he set the bottle of wine aside then reached into his pocket and presented me with my art deco filigree engagement ring I had picked out several months before. With watering eyes, he asked me if I'd like to become his wife officially and I paused for a moment taking in what was happening and then happy crying said "YES!" I was lost for words at first and was in utter shock. We briefly made out and hugged and cried happy tears and held each other for a moment or so.

Once the initial shock wore off and we had enjoyed our special bottle of wine together in front of the fire pit watching the winter nights stars peek out into the sky we then started to task fully made our engagement dinner together which was delicious and so special. He did such a good job catching me off guard proposing to me in this way, it was such a place and vibe that was so "US", it made me oh so happy. The rest of the GETAWAY weekend we simply spent every moment shared together fully being present with one another especially since we had no internet or much cell phone service. It was perfect.

Fast forward to 8 months later and I'm just now writing this blog post for you all sharing the full details on how I got engaged. We are currently in the middle of planning our wedding which will take place next July in Mount Angel. At the moment we only have a location, guest list made, and our official engagement photos were taken (which I will post soon, promise). But it's a start, for our engagement anniversary I plan on booking another GETAWAY house weekend at the same cabin so we can relive the moment again but this year we will have our lovely dog Kiko with us. 

To see a full tour from our stay at the GETAWAY house click this link to watch my IGTV:

IGTV Getaway House Tour

That's enough for today, I've written all I can and I hope you enjoyed hearing this story and if you are curious to look back here are a few other past blog posts that share more of our story I publish on here:

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Till next time!




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