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My Picnic Themed Engagement Photoshoot


Hi Loves!

It's never too late to share cute photos from a memorable time in your life. So I may have procrastinated posting this blog post since I've been so so busy this year and truth be told I am writing this now after the fact. I'm a married woman now and honestly, should have posted this blog post a year ago after when we took these images but oh well, life goes on.

In honor of Grant and I's wedding engagement, I am posting this to celebrate our engagement anniversary which is December 3/4th 2020. Yes, it's two years later and going on year one of marriage but I wouldn't have it any other way. Last year for our engagement anniversary we went back to the Getaway house cabin spot( where we got engaged)  but this time we took our dog Kiko and she had an absolute BLAST. Our dog freaking LOVES the snow and so it was only fitting we spent time in the forest of Mount Adams in Washington playing in the snow, cuddling up together, and enjoying some quiet time just the three of us with no internet. It was perfect.

This year we are taking a different trip still kinda nearby in the Pacific Northwest but we are headed out to a small town outside of Portland called Damascus. It's still way too cold to actually camp outside this time of year so instead, we are renting our first-ever Hipcamp cabin equipped with a hot tub in a private secluded area. Now if you've never heard of Hipcamp it's basically just like Airbnb but for the outdoors. People use it to rent land to camp on and go glamping (which is essentially what we will be doing) but you can rent a cabin or just a natural area on some kind of stranger's property for cheap. We thought this year would be fun to switch it up and it also was cheaper to rent for two nights staying in this Hipcamp cabin than rent another Getaway House for double the price. I will say I know someday we go back to our Getaway House spot but maybe in another year or so and with a little one in tow (that would be nice). Hey now you gotta dream big and manifest the life you want or it may never happen, just saying. 

So for the next two nights Grant, Kiko, and I will be glamping it up at our Hipcamp cabin sharing a special bottle of wine that was left over from our wedding this year and we have a giant stack of film photos to sift through that were from all the disposable film cameras from the wedding to look at together so we can reminisce. I can't wait. I do expect to take lots of pictures from this trip I hope to share them with you all here perhaps in another blog post very soon. 

In regards to the beautiful images above, I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty details and break them down for ya! My dress you would never guess is from the Goodwill Bins I picked up a few summers ago which worked perfectly for this boho eclectic picnic vibe I was going for. We worked with an event table decorator Liz from Perfect Tables By Liz and her sister Jessica who I worked with at the kid's salon I did hair. Jessica did my makeup and also helped assist at the photo shoot where she even touched up Grant's face a little bit too, he tends to get red from the sun sometimes but I think we look flawless in the photos so it was worth it. As for all these stunning photos they were taken by my best friend Vanessa who even edited them just how I liked them. We also had local food for snacking and honestly just had the best time being all in love with each other for this engagement photo shoot. 

I really am fond of having these images to be able to look back on and I'm truly so grateful for the amazing team that was put together to help make this vision I had come to life!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these, thanks for stopping by!


Quick Links:
Photographer- Vanessa
Makeup Artist- Jessica
Props Decorator- Liz

Saint Johns Bridge Portland Or.


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