Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Nailing It: What Shade of Nail Polish is Best for Diamond Rings

Diamonds are apparently a girl’s best friend and, let’s face it ladies, few of us are about to contest that fact. There’s just something unique about the sparkle of a diamond. And, displaying that sparkle is never easier than with a diamond ring on your finger.

Whether it comes from a guy or is a labour of love that you’ve purchased for yourself, a diamond ring can offer next-level elegance, and is something that you’ll probably never want to take off. Even if you’re understated in most of your other fashion choices, the chances are that you’ll also be pretty keen to show it off.

Whether you’ve been given a 5 carat diamond ring or have bought yourself something a little more subtle, speaking to people about your new purchase is all part of the fun. And, to do that, you’ll need to really draw the eye. Luckily, nail polish provides the perfect excuse to have fun, and get people paying attention to what’s on your fingers. 

The question is, which nail polish will work best with that wonderful diamond ring?

# 1 - Never underestimate neutrals

You might want to draw attention, but there’s a possibility that you don’t want to overshadow your ring altogether. After all, that’s the real star of this show. Neutral nail polishes including white, beige, and grey can all play their part in helping you to put your ring at the forefront without dimming its shine.

These neutral tones will work especially well with a more subtle, or light-toned diamond ring. Equally, they can effectively help to create a contrast that highlights the most astoundingly large and bright diamond you could imagine (or don’t need to, because you wear it every single day!)

# 2 - The power of pastels

Pastels including dusky pinks and blues can work well to highlight your diamond ring for many of the same reasons as neutrals. However, while shades like white and grey can sometimes be quite harsh, soft pastels provide a slightly gentler and more sleek opportunity to draw the eye. 

Pink pastel nail polish can work especially well with the increasingly popular rose gold used in modern ring bands. Without being overstated, this could be a great way to tie your ring into your outfit and make sure that it takes its rightful place as the star of the show.

# 3 - Seek something striking

It’s also entirely possible to go all out with striking pops of colour like bold reds and blues. Admittedly, these shades would be at risk of overwhelming a more subtle diamond ring. But, if your ring is big and you want to shout about it, then there’s no need to hide away. Far from being outlandish, something like a well-chosen shade of red could even add a classic vibe to the appearance of your timeless diamond ring. 

Diamond rings are regal, striking, and rich accessories that you’ll likely want to put on a pedestal. With the right colour of polish, you’re pretty certain to nail that goal! 


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