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Pacific Standard Restaurant In Salem Oregon


Hello Loves!

I'm back again this week but with a follow up from my recent stay at the Holman Hotel in Salem Oregon. (See this link to read about my review from staying at THE HOLMAN HOTEL) I couldn't believe the food from their connected restaurant called, Pacific Standard! It was so good my husband Grant and I went to dinner there two nights in a row while we were in town.

A Bit About The Pacific Standard:
The Pacific Standard in Salem Oregon is a West Coast drinking and dining restaurant with delicious cuisine varying from small plates to full dinner portions with a focus on west coast delicacies. The space is nestled in the heart of downtown Salem Oregon inside the Holman Hotel in a modern, laid back casual lived in environment. They're known for their craft cocktails as well as fresh ingredients in their locally Pacific Northwest dishes.

I also want to mention that this restaurant "Pacific Standard" also has a sister establishment in Portland Oregon inside the KEX hotel so if your interested in trying their dishes or speciality drinks downtown then head to the Portland location.

Now I know your dying to know what we ordered from the pictures above so here's the list:

* Stone Fruit Sour Cocktail
* My personal favorite the rosé Negroni
* Tijuana style Whole Leaf Cesar Salad
* Warm Portland French Bakery Baguette
* Dungeons Crab Cocktail
* Crab Cakes & Citrus Salad
* Terra Firma Cocktail
* House Old Fashioned

I wanted to keep this blog post short and sweet because I truly believe that the pictures speak for themselves. So if you ever find yourself in Salem then you MUST ADD PACIFIC STANDARD to your list of places to eat, drink and dine at. You can thank me later...

Jordan Thomas

P.S. Here's the link to my Instagram reel I created while I was there:


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