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The Locals Guide To Viva Las Vegas!

Hello Hello Loves!!!

This week I'm back and here with an exciting blog post filled with my fav recommendations for things to see and do in fabulous Las Vegas thats not your usual touristy itinerary.

If you are curious to know what it's like to visit Las Vegas but not go to the STRIP and spend all your money on expensive shows and drinking at the overpriced hotels on the strip then keep reading on to learn how a Las Vegas local lives it up in their own backyard.

This year from New Years I had the pleasure of getting to visit the lovely Tegan of @reluvclub and her fiancé @phnm 🎲🎰🌴🎉

So in no particular order here’s a list of all the tags of places I visited for you to check out. Enjoy!

These are just some of the spots I got to check out while I was in town which was so much fun and I must say it did not break the bank. I had been to Las Vegas before as an underage kid and had enough from my previous visits as a tourist to get my fill of the tacky but wonderful main downtown area. Instead I thought it would be more enjoabel this time around to have a girlfriend Tegan Warning to show me around to her favorite places aorund old downtown Vegas so I could get the inside scoop of what the locals like to do. She lives in a newer townhome nearby a famous old casino/hotel called the Golden Nugget with the arts district less than 10 mins away and the old neons on display in the old downtown streets where we rung in the New Year, it was an absolute blast. 

There was thrifting, happy hour and of course vintage shopping and yummy food to be had of course. So to break things down I'll first list our some of the food and drinks places I went to that I'd highly recommend:

When it comes to vintage and second hand shopping here's my ultimate list of my favorite places I got to hit up while in town:

So to save you time I wont get into each and every bit of these business and write a whole paragraph about how great each and every one of them is I think I'll spare you and have you take my word for it. Just do yourself a favor and save this lists for the next time you are traveling through Las Vegas and trust me going off the unbeaten path is definitely worth it. There's honestly so much to see and so in Sin City I wish I had another day there to do a few more things on my list like the neon museum and the Meow Wolf art installation but I'll have to go back and save all that for next time.

Thanks for reading! 


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