Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Freeland Spirits Distillery Tour & Tasting

Hello Loves!

Welcome to an inside view of what it's like to tour a Portland Oregon Gin & whisky distillery from Freeland Spirits. One of the main reasons I love this company so much is that they are women owned and operated and plus they also make really yummy gin which is my fav liquor of choice. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to a free tasting and tour of their facility which was super interesting and delicious at the same time. I was able to bring along my sweet husband Grant and we had a lovely time trying some of their most known spirits and famous cocktails at the tasing room on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Of course I couldn't leave empty handed so I picked out a new bottle of dry gin to take home with me and have been inspired to create some drinks at home since then. The main cocktail I can whip up on a regular basis is a Gin Mule or a Lavender Bee's Knees which i have made before and shared the recipe HERE from a past blog post. 

Just to give you a bit more background on Freeland Spirits heres some interesting facts:
*Female founded, female crafted
*Award winning spirits
* I love this company motto "Women can do and be any damn thing they want."
* The name Freeland came from founder Jills grandma who loved tending to her garden and taught Jill to do the same and even though Jill's grandma who never drank a sip of alcohol in her life the company of Freeland was named after her. 

Anyways I wont bore you with more tiny details about my experience I really think my photos above tell a better story than I can type in words. The place was such a light and welcoming experience that I can't wait to go back again sometime. I really think you should check out Freeland Spirits if you ever find yourself in the Portland Oregon area but if not you can always pick up a tear drop shaped bottle to enjoy for yourself.

For more posts on this I also created a Instagram Reel and post sharing about my experience from the tasting room as well. Just click the links below to see more!

I hope you enjoyed this post and get a chance to try some of their amazing gin soon!

Jordan Thomas

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