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Emus & A Tiny House (An Airbnb Experience)


Hello Loves!

Welcome back to the site and say hello to this weeks blog post featuring an AMAZING Tiny House Airbnb with farmstead vibes, chickens, and yes even EMUS!!! So if you love staying at unique places when you travel then you'll definitely have to bookmark this listing.

Background Story

So a bit of background here, if your wondering how this travel experience came to be it all stems from my landlord and home owners Alex and Summer Fiore. My husband Grant and I recently moved this past fall from North Portland Oregon to the outskirts of the city in Clackamas. With our current home we stay in its a 1970's house equipped with skylights, a wood burning stove, big grass yards, a large enclosed deck (which our pets Kiko and Thor absolutely love) and a hot tub. Grant and I adore our new rental which is a two bedroom house so much and the history behind it. Apparently our landlords married couple Alex and Summer Fiore who have two lovely little girls lived in our house we occupy now when they were starting their family a few years ago. These folks have gotten into real estate with flare and have even turned our current property into an "in -law unit" (theres a guy who lives below us) as well as  with our garage that is also turned into two separate one bedroom apartments to maximize their property value. A few years ago they saw the listing for the property which you can see above for sale which they thought had loads of potential. So they moved out to Oregon City on their new 20 acre plot of land and started shifting it into their little own paradise. Nowadays they have built not only the tiny house we got to stay in, but theres also a full blown western town with a hot tub, multiple rooms, a mining cave and secret passage ways to the back deck and indoor outdoor lounge ares. I'll go ahead and leave that AIRBNB HERE for you to check out as well. So I need to admit that this power couple is definitely one for Grant and I to look up to since we would like to also do something similar down the line once we have our own family. 

About The Property

The tiny house we stayed in for two nights was only one of the key features of their land besides the chickens in the barn which we have certainly had some fresh eggs from them to the actual 15 or so Emus on the property, it was quite a treat to say the least. Both nights we stayed on the land we had our own small separate area for a campfire which Grant and I are very fond of fires because we even got engaged around a campfire a few years back; you can read all about HERE. The owners own home was also beautiful with a wrap around porch and multi levels and fireplaces. They landscaped their property beautifully with loads of lavender bushes following the drive way, lush grass yards and the already existing tall pines and Douglass firs on the land as well were spectacular. It was such a relaxing and serene place to stay. 

The Tiny House

Our tiny house had everything we could need to make our stay comfortable from several small useful kitchen appliances, to a little bathroom with our own toilet and working shower (in the warmer months that is) to ample places to sleep. The set up inside had bunk beds and we slept very cozy together on the bottom bed which I believe was a full size bed. Our American Akita dog Kiko who weights at least 120 lbs also made herself right at home, however she seemed to be more interested in the emus than anything else. The tiny house also had a small built in heater I think was fueled by propane but kept us plenty warm. This place would certainly fit a family of 3-4 people easily if kids were to share the bunkbeds together. And at an affordable price too. So why wouldn't you want to stay here? I think the next time my family comes to stay I might want my parents hosted there since the drive itself is only 15 mins away from our rental house. 

The Emus

Petting the large birds can be allowed if one of the hosts properly shows you how to interact with the birds. They can weigh around 100-120 pounds, so crazy! Grant was defiantly more brave than me and had no problem going into the pen and walking around with the birds. The main thing I learned was to not go into their fenced area with lots of jewelry on, bright colors otherwise you'd be the center of attention to them. If you want to pet the birds then all you have to do is stroke their long necks and push them gently away if they get too close to your face. The birds are also not allowed around other small animals like the chickens and dogs. Apparently emus are dog killers and have historically hunted down other animals if they feel threatened. With our dog Kiko it was fine as long as she didn't go into their den. They were most curious of each other and loved following along the fence walking with us and Kiko. To say the least they are just really funny creates and I very much enjoyed getting to know more about emus and what it was like for the Fiores rasing them as their own.

Well theres not much more I wish to cover in regards to this fabulous airbnb stay other than you should defiantly check it out for yourself. I highly recommend this place in the warmer or less rainy months but we got to stay here in February during what us Oregonians call "February Fake Out" when it feels like spring in the middle of winter lol. We were lucky on this nice sunny weather but regardless there was plenty of things to do and ways to keep warm throughout any season staying here.

Would you pet an EMU???

Till next time!


Jordan Thomas


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