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Creating Resin Arts & Crafts with Paper Cloud DIY Kits

 Hey Loves!

I'm back and with this weeks blog post I wanted to share about because its home related and arts and crafts at the same time, how fun is that!? 

A few months ago I met the founder and creator of Paper Cloud DIY kits at a local Portland small makers market called Unique Market and the owner Grace and I really hit it off. She reached out back in February earlier this year and wanted to team up to create some resin art for Valentines Day so we did just that and made magic happen. 

I was invited with my fellow gal pal bestie Vanessa from @vanessa.rosa.wolf and we had a girls party indulging in some sweet treats, sparkling wine all the while we got to crafting up a storm. I had a mold to make coasters with dried flowers and Vanessa made a trinket tray where we had so much fun styling the items to our liking and Grace taught us the ways of resin crafting. There was several steps in the process where you mix a few simple ingredients to create the substance used for setting the shape. Using epoxy and resin and mixing the kit ingredients together was kinda stinky but cool to play with, it felt like a science experiment. As you can see from the many images above it was a pretty involved process but allowed for socializing and creativity as well. 

I love how my coasters turned out and I have been using them around my home for placing glasses on to not ruin my vintage furniture. I highly recommend purchasing a few kits for yourself and loved ones for a birthday gift or for a craft party like we had. You can make all kinds of items with the resin like flower vases, trays, coasters and many more items. Grace also has other crafting kits like candle making kits which I'd love to try doing as well.

What is Paper Clouds?

Its an all-in-one craft kit company to put it simply. They provide the instructions and all the materials you need to make beautiful, DIY home decor.

A bit of background about he owner Grace:

My story: I've always loved arts and crafts, but often felt like I didn't have enough time to go to Michael's or to research what project to work on. It was a big blocker for me, and I had a hunch it was for other people as well. 

I created Paper Clouds with the mission of helping busy people find more space for creativity. My goal is to take the prep work out, so you can get to crafting.

Paper Clouds: A creative escape for busy people. Go ahead, lose your head in the clouds.

Ready to shop her crafts??

Paper Clouds Website HERE!


I hope you enjoy making something fun with your hands!


Jordan Thomas


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