Saturday, March 23, 2024

1970's Colorful Minimalist Home Tour!

Hello hello loves!

Welcome to a brand new home tour. Last fall I moved from North Portland Oregon to Clackamas Oregon just 20 mins south east from my old home I was renting with my husband Grant and our cat Thor and dog Kiko. I found this home for rent on  late one night as I was browsing online for a new neighborhood and house to live in. I can't remember the square footage but it a 1970's house thats been remodeled from the previous owner Alex and Summer Fiore our wonderful landlords. This house sits on the side of a hill in a cul du sac facing a beautiful nature park called Mount Talbert

Theres some wonderful quirks which makes us love this home so much like the hot tub on the side deck (not pictured) a wood burning stove in the living room, two skylights in the house as well as the big front deck that sits in the front entrance of the house. Theres still a lot of work that I want to do with the exterior of the home like adding some privacy curtains in the hot tub area, and getting a hammock for warm summer days to read a book as well as a gas fireplace. One thing at a time is what I keep telling myself so with loads of projects in mind I still want to add to home with color on some of the walls and more plants (mainly in the living room since it get so much natural light). I must say that natural light is super important in a space living in the Pacific Northwest because we don't get a lot of sunlight for about half the year during our winter/rainy season so having some many windows in this house is not only nice to have but necessary.

I think it's safe to say that we have officially been living here for 6 months now and so far so good. Our pets are very happy here and love all the room to roam. The fact we even have a guest room/office helps me compartmentalize things better when I need space to work on my emails and social media posts in a place that I can close the door when Grant is playing video games in the other room. This is just the beginning here, I think we are going to be living here for several years to come and I can't wait to keep making it my own. Renting has its challenges but I'm so blessed to have found a space I can call home, let my guard down and decorate how I want that fits our family's needs. The guest room one day can turn into a kids room and the outdoor spaces I have yet to curate will become more of an indoor/outdoor extension of the home eventually as well. I wish to garden more here, I want to plant sunflowers, get some fruit trees for the deck, hang up patio lights and get lots of planter boxes to grow our own fruits, veggies and herbs. 

If you've been a long time follower then it might be fun to look back and see some of my older blog posts from previous places I've lived which I will link here below:

What are your thought on the space? Would you call this home decor styling a bit colorful minimalist as well?

Thanks for following along with me on this journey. I plan on keeping you guys updated on changes we make over time so I can continue to document and enjoy this process in seeing how this house evolves.


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