Thursday, May 9, 2024

Mc Menamins Rams Head Pub Date Night

Hello Loves!

Jordan and Grant here back from a months hiatus of not posting blog posts, OOP's I certainly fell off the bandwagon there. Well I'm back either way with blog posts lined up for the next three weeks or so. Plus I have loads of new content and exciting posts, pictures and reels coming to my social media platform in general. I have two MAJOR trips coming upon the horizon with in the next several weeks here so stay tuned for a weeks long road trip down the PCH aka the Pacific Coast Highway or otherwise know as the 101. I'll be camping my way down the coast with my husband Grant and our dog Kiko from Portland Oregon to San Louis Obispo for a friends wedding at the Madonna Inn. I can't wait! I'm also going to be going to Paris France for two weeks in June from the 10th through the 26th for yet another wedding with Grant and some of mom's side of the family which should also be a fantastical time. I'm still waiting on the Passport to arrive in time but I think it will all work out... 

Moving on now from the upcoming summer trips on the horizon lets talk more about my recent special DATE NIGHT at McMenamins Rams Head Pub. I had the pleasure of getting to partner up with the wonderful company McMenimans and I have actually written about them before in THIS blog post from a few years ago when I got to stay in one of their hotels in Bend Oregon for another date weekend in fact, lol. 

Grant and I got all dressed up for our evening out where we ate some yummy food (obviously depicted above) had dessert and a few drinks while we enjoyed the 1920's speakeasy ambiance together. Grant order a beer to start, old fashioned a gyro and then we split a Black and Tan brownie topped with ice cream, it certainly hit the spot. I ordered a chili soup as my side and a Fireside Roasted Turkey sandwich which was certainly satisfying. It you want to see more bits from the evening and have an inside peek into what it was like then you should defiantly click this link to see the reel I created from the dining experience. All this to say is that I highly recommend hitting up the Rams Head Pub the next chance you get because it such a pleasant delight. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you get the chance to see what McMenimans are all about. Till next time!


Jordan Thomas



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